Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for Utilities & Industry

There's no reason to spend thousands of dollars.  Spend it on maintenance, not the software!  You can download the full product (for free) and try before you buy, then purchase on-line.
(Please, do not ask for refunds.  Try out Maintenance Tracker before purchasing.)

89 (US Dollars)  Site License with UNLIMITED Users.

Network and Multi-User ready
Multiple Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.x, or DOS
Schedule Preventative Maintenance
Organize Event Driven Maintenance
Record Equipment or Calibration Data plus Equipment History
Tech Manual Library
Plant Drawing Database
Work Orders
Parts Inventory
Easy Search System
Fill-in-the-blank report filters for PM's due, incomplete Work Orders, History, etc.
Sample data files, and a tutorial is included in the manual
Y2K compliant
Large data capacity, see specifications below

Successful CMMS implementation depends more on what you enter into a CMMS application than how much you paid for it.  Keep it simple with MTrack.  

MTrack Main Menu

MTrack CMMS Main Menu


Equipment / Job Tracker for Preventative and Event driven maintenance

Form for Preventative and Event Driven Maintenance


Equipment / Job History for virtually unlimited historical data (Memo field scrolls down)

Form for Maintenance History


Work Orders (Work Requested and Performed fields scroll)

Form for Work Orders


Tech Manual Library makes finding manuals easy

Tech Manual Tracker


Run a warehouse or manage spare parts in the shop with Parts Tracker (Notes field scrolls down)

Spare Parts Inventory


Drawing Tracker makes finding drawings easy

Find Plant Drawings


One of the many Report Filters

Typical Report Filter


Software Specs and Maximum Capacities

XBase (DBase) compatible files
Network ready (multi-user, record locking with file sharing). 
Multiple operating system support:  Windows 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.x, or DOS
999,999 Equipment/Job records, 2 billion for history
99,999 Work Orders per year, 2 billion total
999,999 Parts records
Over 1 million Tech Manuals
Over 1 Million Drawings

View the MTrack Manual

Why use a DOS based program in the twenty first century?

Before we answer that, ask yourself how many old Windows programs can still run on the latest versions of all flavors of Windows?  Some can not even be un-installed without corrupting your system.  A standard DOS program is the most compatible type of software available, and probably will be for some time.  There are just too many critical applications in business and industry to ever succeed in the operating system marketplace without supporting standard DOS software.  Industrial maintenance is a long-term business.  Maintenance people don't want to change maintenance software every other year.

If you want to spend maintenance dollars maintaining equipment, and NOT ON THE MAINTENANCE SOFTWARE, Maintenance Tracker is your best choice!

MTrack has always been Y2K compliant, and we confidently communicated this to our customers.

Much of the Y2K problem was exaggerated in the U.S.  Plenty of software companies and consultants took advantage of the hysteria.  Some software companies promoted their latest product as Y2K compliant, and left previous products with labels such as un-tested.  Some consultants performed unnecessary work to apply the Y2K seal of approval to things like ordinary monitors and modems which don't even have real time clocks.  Predictably, after the first of the year, these same people claimed that nothing happened because of all their work.  However, virtually nothing happened worldwide, even though most of the world could not afford the fanatic zeal that prevailed in the U.S. over Y2K.

The Low Cost Maintenance Software Solution

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